Death in Service Claims

During the Coronavirus pandemic the majority of the population were told to stay at home and stay safe.

Unfortunately, this was not an option for many of the key workers upon whom we all rely for our day-to-day needs. These brave individuals continued to go to work and carry out their duties, however in some cases they found themselves doing so without adequate personal protective equipment. Employers did not always provide a suitably safe working environment and lives were subsequently, and very sadly, lost.

Examples where Coronavirus Death in Service claims may apply

The following list is by no means exhaustive, but it does represent the greatest proportion of professions where Coronavirus Negligence has sadly resulted in a fatality: 

  • NHS workers – including doctors, nurses, support staff, managers, general workers, ambulance staff and those in administrative functions
  • Care workers – including doctors, nurses, cleaners, managers, social care, visitors, general care home staff and the general public
  • Key workers – including those involved in food production, processing or distribution, teaching staff, police, firefighters, security staff, transport and utility workers

How do I know if I have a claim?

When an employer has been negligent in their Duty of Care they must be held to account, even in these unprecedented times. If your loved one contracted COVID-19 in their workplace (where they should have been safe and protected) and died as a result of the disease, then you are fully entitled to receive compensation for your loss.

At BRM Legal we can help you work through the important details and construct your case, professionally and sensitively. We will support you in gathering the detail you need to prove that the employer in question was indeed negligent and must therefore accept liability.

Get in touch or make a claim by phoning: 0845 838 7089 or by filling out the form below:

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Making a Claim

How do I make a claim?

Simply by contacting us at the first opportunity. The earlier we speak, the easier it is to capture all the details of your case and start working towards receiving the compensation you deserve.

Our initial free consultation will provide you with all the information you need to pursue your claim. 

As well as confirming whether you and your loved ones have been the victims of Coronavirus Negligence, we can also give you an indication of the kind of compensation payment you may be likely to receive.

What will it cost to pursue my claim?

At BRM Legal we understand that the current financial situation for many has already stretched resources to the limits. For this reason we are happy to take on your case on a No Win No Fee basis which means that you will incur no costs unless your claim is successful*.

Even when you win your case, the majority of your legal expenses will be paid by the other side and any other costs will simply be deducted from your total compensation amount.

*Please note: This is subject to a No Win No Fee agreement having been signed with us (in conjunction with our insurers) and the terms of that agreement having been met by both parties.

How long do I have to make a claim?

The general rule relating to negligence and Death in Service is that a claim must be made within a period of 3 years. Current restrictions in many areas however mean that a case can take longer to construct than would normally be the case, so we advise that you initiate the process as soon as you feel able to.

How long will it take to receive compensation?

This depends on the individual circumstances of the negligence in question and whether the employer admits their liability. Whilst we will try to expedite your claim we also need to ensure that we consider every aspect of your future needs in the final sum.

We will of course keep you updated throughout the process to tell you how your case is progressing and what the likely compensation figure might be.

Why should I choose BRM Legal?


At BRM Legal we understand the trauma and emotions which can surround a case of negligence. Whilst COVID-19 may be a relatively new virus, the effect which it has on those left behind when a loved one dies is no less traumatic. It may well be that you were even denied the opportunity to be there when it mattered to you, and to grieve when you needed to. We don’t solely concentrate on your loss; we consider everything that the situation has put you through and how it is likely to change your future.

Death in Service Claims

Our compassionate team have a huge amount of experience in the field of negligence and Death in Service and will offer you valuable, personalised support as well as fighting hard for the compensation you deserve. Whilst no two cases are ever the same, we can certainly recognise when duty of care has been neglected.

We know that a negligence claim is not something which anyone enters into lightly and our professionalism ensures that we fight your case armed with knowledge and facts to address genuine wrong-doing.

Focussed On Your Needs

What should I do now?

If you think that your loved one was affected or has died at work as a result of Coronavirus Negligence then contact us today. Our friendly, approachable team will listen and will talk you through your options in an entirely free consultation.

You can then choose to proceed however you wish, there’s no cost to you and no pressure from us.

If you need our services or simply need help & advice, call us now on:
0845 838 7089

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