Transfer of Equity

Transfer of equity is the process undertaken to change the legal ownership of a property.

Whatever the particular situation

At BRM we understand all of the legal and the personal implications related to Transfer of Equity and we help our clients understand and navigate what can otherwise be a lengthy and complicated process.

It is usually carried out when:

  • Property is being transferred between family members
  • Property is being gifted from one person (or estate) to another 
  • Cohabitation arrangements have changed (e.g. marriage or divorce)
  • A Trust has been formed
  • A Court Order has been issued

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Equity Transfer Experts

Our Property team have in-depth expertise and know how handle all property matters quickly, efficiently and with the minimum amount of stress. Our experience over the years has taught us that the need for Transfer of Equity can often correspond with a particularly sensitive time for families and individuals and we therefore always carry out our work with a view to making it as easy for everyone involved as it possibly can be.

Stay in control with BRM Legal

At BRM Legal we cut through the jargon upon your behalf and make sure that you understand every legal and financial element of the process in action. We will offer you the benefit of our expertise, unbiased advice and informed support as, and when, you need it.

Get started today

Even if you are just in the very early stages of considering or researching Transfer of Equity, get in touch with the BRM Legal team today. As well as talking you through the process from beginning to end, we can give you some tips and advice to make sure you are fully informed from the start and know exactly what to expect.

This informal consultation with our knowledgeable and friendly team is entirely free of charge and you can then choose to proceed however you wish with no pressure from us.

Focussed On Your Needs

What should I do now?

We work fast and efficiently to minimise the delays. Always contactable, always available and always in control – that’s why our clients recommend our services: your expert property law solicitors in Coventry.
Contact us today. Our friendly, approachable team will listen to your story and will talk you through your options in an entirely free consultation
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