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Tenant Eviction

Nobody enters life as a Landlord thinking about evicting their Tenants.

Often eviction is the last resort for a Landlord who has already tried everything within their powers to resolve issues and maintain a good Landlord-Tenant relationship.

Sadly, there comes a point where there is no option other than to seek eviction, and we are here to help make this process as quick, cost-effective and stress-free. 

Even when it seems that eviction is entirely justified there are legal requirements which must be met in order to ensure that the claim is not simply struck out at Court.

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At BRM Legal, our Tenant Eviction Service focusses on two main areas: 

  1. Achieving vacant possession of your property at the earliest opportunity;
  2. Incurring minimum cost

Experience, Knowledge and Thoroughness

We have been providing Tenant Eviction Services long enough to know how best to proceed.

As the Landlord emotions and stress levels can be high, and it is not always easy to stay calm and focussed when you see the level of damage or lost income you are incurring. 

Our aim is to take the strain on your behalf and get the process moving to a fast, satisfactory conclusion; putting all the right steps in place and adhering to every legal requirement.

In cases of eviction the Courts are very strict with the technicalities – and so are we.

Total Support for Landlords

From drafting and serving of legal notices through to vacant possession, BRM Legal can help with every aspect of Tenant Eviction process, including:

• Dealing with all correspondence from the Tenant
Preparation of a claim for possession
Obtaining County Court Judgements against the Tenant for rent arrears
Liaison with bailiffs to arrange eviction if Tenants refuse to leave after the Court order

In addition to being a time-consuming and stressful process for Landlords to deal with on their own, eviction of Tenants is also something which much be approached with caution.

The serving of invalid notices or any discrepancies in paperwork can result in claims being struck out or Court cases being adjourned. It is also crucial that you follow the process diligently to avoid being accused of harassment or carrying out an illegal eviction.

Why should I choose BRM Legal?

At BRM we make sure that we consider everything you may be going through. Our compassionate team will offer you valuable, personalised support as well as fighting hard for the compensation you deserve.

Reasons for Tenant Eviction

Our team have a huge amount of experience in the field of Tenant Eviction and – whilst no two situations are ever the same – we have most probably already been involved in a case similar to your own.

We know that Tenant Eviction is not something which anyone enters into lightly and our professionalism ensures that we fight your case armed with knowledge and facts. 

Focussed On Your Needs

What should I do now?

Contact us today. Our friendly, approachable team will listen to your story and will talk you through your options in an entirely free consultation.

You can then choose to proceed however you wish, there’s no cost to you and no pressure from us.

If you need our services or simply need help & advice, call us now on:
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