Our team of experts at BRM Legal are here to help with your legal matters

Suleman Khan

Chief Executive Officer

Arfan Khan

Chief Financial Officer 

Nisar Khan

Razina Begum

Imran Sajjad

Zara Mohamedi

Saba Kiyani

Wasay Khalid

Noor Fatima

Tauqeer Ilyas

Arbaz Khan

Aqeel Ahmed

Raza Rehman

Javaria Awan

Faran Ahmed

Arooma Sohail

Farhan Shan

Rida Zaman

Saba Noor

Zia Khan

Aleena Naeem

Muqaddas Zulfiqar

Khunshan Fatimah

Fatima Sohail

Tayyab Amin

Muhammad Imran

Saif Ullah

Alina Begum

Aqib Imran

Adanan Khan

Rehana Khan

Ahsin Saleem

Maria Khan

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