Key Worker Negligence Claims

During the Coronavirus Lockdown period many of us were able to safely work from home, however for some this was not a viable option.

Those in employment where remote working was impossible were required to travel to their jobs and, for a significant number, this meant using at least one element of the public transport system. Of course, in order for the buses and trains to operate, there was also a need for transport workers to continue to fulfil their shifts across the national network. 

As is the case with many of our frontline staff and key workers, duties were undertaken bravely at a time of great risk. The individuals involved in keeping our country running placed their trust in those responsible for ensuring their health and safety whilst travelling or whilst at work. Unfortunately, due to the nature of public transport (combined with the fact that the overall capacity on most routes had been reduced), this meant that people travelled in close proximity to each other and were unable to maintain very little in the way of social distancing at all.

Perhaps even more disturbingly, there have been incidents reported in the press where transportation workers were subject to abuse whilst admirably carrying out their job.

There is no adequate compensation scheme in place for key workers (including public transport employees) and it is doubtful that anything will be developed. Subsequently, there is no financial support for the families of these people should they sadly contract COVID-19 whilst at, or on their way to and from, work and pass away.

Examples where Coronavirus negligence claims may apply

When we are considering cases of Coronavirus negligence we include those key workers using the public transport system to get to their place of work and back home again, as well as those employed by the transport operators themselves. Therefore, this is relevant to:


Transport workers 
Key workers travelling to or from their employment

How do I know if I have a claim?

Claims relating to the Coronavirus pandemic need to be thoroughly investigated to establish if negligence was the root cause of significant harm or loss of life. 

This includes establishing what procedures and policies were put in place to protect those key workers travelling on (or working within) the public transport networks, the PPE and other safety measures which were put in place to prevent transmission and spread of the virus and the implementation of testing for any workers suspected to be infected.

With information gathered by our specialised team, we will be able to establish if your loved one was the victim of negligence, whether public transport was to blame and therefore whether you are indeed entitled to compensation.

In an entirely professional and sensitive manner, we will support you in your search for answers and acceptance of liability from those responsible for the places where your loved one should have been safe and secure.

Get in touch or make a claim by phoning: 0845 838 7089 or by filling out the form below:

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Making a Claim

How do I make a claim?

Experience has taught us that it is best if clients speak to us at the earliest opportunity. The sooner we discuss your case, the easier it will be to capture all the relevant details and start working towards receiving the compensation you deserve.

An initial free consultation with the BRM Legal team will provide you with all the information you need to consider your claim. 

As well as confirming whether you and your loved ones have been the victims of Coronavirus Transportation negligence, we can also give you an indication of the compensation payment you may be entitled to.

What will it cost to pursue my claim?

Understanding that the current financial situation has already stretched resources to the limits for many, BRM Legal are happy to take on your case on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that you will incur no costs unless your claim is successful*.

Even when you win your case, the majority of your legal expenses will be paid by the other side and any other costs will simply be deducted from your total compensation amount.

*Please note: This is subject to a No Win No Fee agreement having been signed with us (in conjunction with our insurers) and the terms of that agreement having been met by both parties.

How long do I have to make a claim?

The general rule relating to negligence is that your claim should be made within a period of 3 years. Current restrictions caused by COVID-19 however mean that a case can take longer to construct than would otherwise be the case, so we advise that you initiate the process as soon as you feel you can.

How long will it take to receive compensation?

This depends on the individual circumstances of the negligence and whether liability is accepted by the organisation in question. Whilst we will try to expedite your claim, we also need to ensure that we consider every aspect of your future needs in the final sum.

The team will, of course, keep you updated throughout the process to tell you how your case is progressing and what the likely final compensation figure might be.

Why should I choose BRM Legal?


At BRM Legal we understand the trauma and emotions which can surround any case of negligence. Whilst COVID-19 may be a new virus which arrived with little in the way or warning, the effect which it has on those left behind when a loved one is harmed or dies is still incredibly traumatic. 

We don’t solely concentrate on your loss; we consider everything that the situation has put you through and how it is likely to change your future.

Key Worker Negligence Claims

We have a huge amount of experience in the field of negligence and can offer you valuable, personalised support whilst we fight hard for the compensation you deserve. Whilst no two cases are ever the same, we certainly recognise when duty of care has been neglected or where adequate protection has not been maintained.

We know that a negligence claim is not something which you would enter into lightly and our professionalism ensures that we fight your case armed with knowledge and facts. Our ultimate intention is to address a genuine, avoidable wrong-doing.

Focussed On Your Needs

What should I do now?

If you think that your loved one was affected or has died as a result of negligence whilst travelling to and from work or whilst working within the public transport network then contact us today. Our friendly, approachable team will listen and will talk you through your options in an entirely free consultation.

You can then choose to proceed however you wish, there’s no cost to you and no pressure from us.

If you need our services or simply need help & advice, call us now on:
0845 838 7089

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