We are Solicitors providing Independent Legal advice in Coventry

Why do I need Independent Legal Advice ?

Most commonly when dealing with mortgages, finance or property matters a mortgage company will want to be sure that you have had the chance of speaking with someone independent of the transaction.

This is to ensure that you have had the nature of the transaction explained to you and its effect on you.

In some cases also to make sure you are not being pressured into completing the transaction and to ensure that you are acting on your own free will.

How can BRM Legal help you ?

BRM Legal is a firm of solicitors and Commisioners for Oath based in Coventry.

We are a legal firm with a number of specialist lawyers in practice, who are able to offer independent legal advice.

We also have a dedicated team of specialist property lawyers and Solicitors in Coventry who deal with mortgage related transactions every day.

We have a vast amount of legal experience of advising clients on their general legal matters.

We offer a quick drop in service for clients.

We are professional and here to help you get your matter completed.

We typically provide Independent Legal advice in Coventry on the following types of matters:

Personal Guarantees

Occupier Waiver Forms

Directors Guarantees

Bridging Loans

Transfers of Equity

We can also help with other matters so please give us a call if you are not sure 0845 838 7089.